What happens when you discover a son or daughter you never knew you had? How would you move forward with the relationship? Would you disavow them (some do)? Would you welcome them with open arms? How would you feel if that relationship were cut short before you ever had a chance to meet?Letters From Prison by Phillip Petree How would you feel if you found out the person you talked to on the phone and who called you "Dad" hadn't told you everything?

I knew about his time in prison and I knew why he was there. I knew about some of his childhood; witnessing the domestic violence against his mother, the instability in his homelife. I knew it was a pattern that, to various degrees, had played out for generations in my family.

But, even knowing all that, there were things I wasn't prepared to learn and there were questions left unanswered. For instance, "If I had been in his life would it have made a difference?"

In Letters From Prison I take you on my journey of discovery as I try to answer those questions.

Letters From Prison will go on sale March 1st, 2024.

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