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Below is where I was originally going with the site:

Concept Overview

As people become more and more technology focused and social media centric, the opportunities for real life connections diminish. You see this in any coffee shop or restaurant where people are focused on their mobile devices instead of the people around them. You can look at the boarding area of any airport gate and see 100’s of people, all heading to the same destination but instead of speaking to each other, they’re focused on their phones.


Create a mobile app that connects people with similar interests based on their proximity to each other.


This app would solve an interpersonal relationship problem by providing easy introductions based on locale and common interests. Core market segments include:

  • Singles: 60% of all adults now find online dating acceptable. But only 5% of all couples met online. This speaks to the problem of environment/location/lifestyle;
  • Business Travelers: Business travel account for about 29% of all travel and with more than 1.7 million boardings per day, we have a huge number of business travelers open to conversations, meals etc.
  • Preliminary estimates of market size and growth:
    • Singles: 54,000,000 with 49,000,000 having used online dating
    • Business Travelers: 493,000 per day
    • Local/Neighborhood: Unknown. Requires further research.
  • Competitors:
    • Dating apps that will tell you who else is on their mobile app and who is near you but they don’t provide a method of meeting.
    • Friends apps that tell you when a friend, contact or connection is within your proximity. Friends apps only tell you about people you know, they don’t allow you to meet new people.

* Note: I'm sure the numbers are outdated by now, they were researched before a medical illness sidelined me for a bit.

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