My Poems

Man longing for another soul

Missing Soul

I was born a million years ago and my heart has sought but one soul In the mornings I feel her hair flow softly across my skin as she kisses me and wakes me to start the day When I leave our home I see the look in her eyes, a look that beckons me throughout the day When I come… Read More
Candle of Hope

May Your Love

On Monday 12/18/2023, I received a letter from my sister-in-law Jamie. She'd been sorting through "the box" of family photos that our mom had given to my brother Mike (which he never opened before he passed). Midway down that box, Jamie found a letter addressed to me from Kim.… Read More
sunset suicide


I’m a good dad, I gave you my all. I was there for you every day, Through every joy and fall. If we’re no longer connected, I can tell you whyI saw too many days alone And ran out of tears to cry Every time I cried in painYou never heard a wordThe other voices in your earAre the… Read More


If we could see the futureWhat would we find?Do we have a loving heartA sharp mind? What would be importantWhat would make our day?Someone to love us totallyOr someone to light our way? How do we find tomorrowWhen looking at our today?Do we take all offersOr find another way? Is… Read More
Five Kinds of Kisses

The Five Kinds Of Kisses

There's the kind between family members. Those are loving, reassuring, welcoming and confirming. There's are those between friends which are accepting, nurturing and full of continuity. These contain pieces of remembrance, comfort in the present and hope for the future. There's… Read More