The Violin is a true and tragic love story. It starts in 1981 and ends in 2022.

Know that old expression: "Be careful what you wish for?" What happens when what you wish for is right in the palm of your hands and then, suddenly and without warning, you're Book Cover for The Violin by Phil Petree forced to watch it all slip away?

Now, imagine, over the course of your life, whispers of what once was keep haunting you... coming into your life like fog in a dream... you can't see it or figure out what it is but you can always feel it. Then, one day, a bomb gets dropped and everything comes full circle.

Come with me on my journey while I figure out the trauma, deceit, drugs, lies, terrible wounds, human toll, the undying love, the dedication and the gifts I was given.

While no official release date has been set, a target date of July 7th, 2024 is the goal.

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