After some time consulting with several of the big dating app companies, I realized a couple of things:

  1. They really don't want you to find a match. Your staying single is profitable for them. Mind you, they do want you to be hopeful because hope is what keeps you coming back.
  2. When we're dating we all tend to miss or dismiss those red flags. Heck, if we're young we may not even recognize a red flag even when it's poking us in the eye!

So why did I begin developing GetToKnowMe? Well, I like seeing people happy and, like I said, I saw how the dating GetToKnowMe Logo companies worked and I thought there had to be something between the dating app and the constant cycling through coffee dates and ghosting and everything else.

GetToKnowMe is the App designed to help build better relationships by asking each person the same questions and not sharing answers until both people have answered. GetToKnowMe puts fun into learning more about other people.

With a library of 1000's of questions broken down into over a dozen topics, GetToKnowMe picks a question at random and serves the question to both people. Once both people have answered the question, GetToKnowMe shows each person the others answer, they will never know. This helps to keep people from 'gaming'  the other person because they don't know how you answered so they can't fake compatibility.

So, When you see the other persons answer you can like it, dislike it or ask to dig deeper. Only you see how you marked that answer. At any time you can flip over to a status page where you can see how many questions within each topic that you've liked or disliked. This gives you a good visual on how you're viewing your compatibility and gives a good visual reality check.

GetToKnowMe also allows you to set limits on when you're asked questions on sensitive topics such as sex and money. You can build trust before getting into the deeply intimate stuff or you can jump right in, your choice!

We're working towards launch but still have features to implement.

Visit GetToKnowMe

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