My Short Stories

My stories are listed from newest to oldest with new stories added as time permits.

Rainbow in a wooded area

Dancing Through A Rainbow

Some naming history: When my daughter Katie was in kindergarten she struggled with what to call her stepdad Tom and I. If she called us both Dad as she had been doing, it got confusing. Ultimately, she decided to call Tom, her stepdad, Dad because she was with him every day and… Read More
Image of an English Pointer


Mom and Dad divorced in 1962 as I was just finishing kindergarten. Not long after Mom moved us into public housing. I don’t remember much about that summer other than I was in the hospital for almost a month with a ruptured appendix. What I remember most from that time is Mom… Read More

When Your Daddy Holds Your Hand

This story needs a little context. Today is Thanksgiving Day, 2023. It was just a few minutes past noon when I called Daddy. I knew he'd answer and I knew he knew my weekend was busy. I'd traveled to Charleston with my hubby, mom and stepdad to visit my in-laws. Mom has been… Read More
A lone red leaf

My Purpose

From the moment I sprouted I knew I was destined to grow and become something special but no one told me what that would be. Like any generation, there were many like me and, from a distance, we all looked the same but to each of us within that generation, we could easily tell… Read More
The Lamp

The Lamp

“Daddy, why is this lamp so important to you?” I chuckled as I finished dusting and adjusting the shade. One glance at my daughter, Katie, told me she was dead serious so I took a seat beside her on the couch. Looking in her eyes, I saw the same soft brown eyes reflecting the… Read More
Matchbox Jeep

Did He Deserve an Explanation?

It was Christmas morning 1962 in Dayton, Ohio. Despite the foot or two of snow visible through the picture window, inside was warm and comfortable. More importantly, the tree was packed with presents as Santa had come the night before (he really did, I saw him with my own eyes!). Read More

The Guff

In early translations of the bible the word for “hell” had one meaning, “out of God’s sight” or, as the Talmud teaches, to “cease to exist.” In later versions of the bible (KJV) hell has been understood to mean a life of torment and I wonder how this mistranslation came to be. I… Read More

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